You make plans. We'll take care of your farm.

There are many reasons to sell a farm. And many more reasons to sell through a Ritchie Bros. unreserved public on-the-farm auction in Canada or the USA.

If you're making plans to retire, relocate, re-size, or re-align, Ritchie Bros. is here to help. Our on-the-farm auctions bring farmers qualified buyers, better returns and, more importantly, the opportunity for change.

Talk to a representative near you about selling your farmland and equipment at a Ritchie Bros. unreserved auction.

Contact us toll-free at:
Canada West: +1(800) 491-4494
Canada East: +1(800) 357-0659
United States: +1(800) 726-1655

Bob Cooke - Jemstar Farms (Walkerton, ON)

„A fost clar că Ritchie Bros. a fost singura companie de licitații capabilă să gestioneze vânzarea."

În ultimii 45 de ani, Robert, David și James Cooke au dezvoltat Jemstar Farms, compania devenind lider în sectorul crescătoriilor de bovine din Ontario, Canada. Când au decis să se retragă, frații Cooke au solicitat sprijinul Ritchie Bros. în acest demers printr-o licitație fără preț de pornire în martie 2009.

On-the farm auctions.

On-the-farm auctions.

We conduct hundreds of full-service, on-the-farm auctions across Canada each year, helping farmers when they retire or simply decide to sell a farm – land, equipment, and livestock.

Ritchie Bros. Agriculture Division – people you can count on.

Ritchie Bros. Agriculture Division – people you can count on.

Our Agriculture Division - a team of people from farms and farming backgrounds with the support of the entire Ritchie Bros. organization behind them – understands the needs of farmers, and uses their in-depth knowledge of the agriculture market to help sellers get top dollar for their equipment and farmland.

Same full-service, fully-mobile.

At our on-the-farm auctions, Ritchie Bros. brings an entire mobile, fully-staffed auction unit to your property with trailers used for registration, administration and payment offices, mobile auction booth complete with P.A. and online bidding connections, even heated/air conditioned bathrooms for customers.

Our service includes:

  • Setting up equipment to be sold
  • Providing transport from parking areas to where items are being sold
  • Making food & beverages available for bidders
  • Conducting the live & online auction with professional, experienced farm auctioneers
  • Collecting proceeds of sale on your behalf

You'll always reach the most buyers possible with:

  • Your farmland, equipment and livestock featured in our targeted print and online marketing
  • On-site and online bidding
Aflați care este valoarea echipamentelor dumneavoastră.

Aflați care este valoarea echipamentelor dumneavoastră.

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